Our core values

Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is frequently the difference between winning and losing. It isn't always the best team that wins; in many cases, it is the team with the winning attitude.

Integrity and Respect: Without integrity and respect, we are doomed regardless of our business enterprise; but when your business is insurance, protecting the assets and wealth of your clients, integrity and respect take on even more significance. We will always propose and fully support only those solutions that put the clients interest at the forefront.

Quality: Insurance and risk management are not an exact science. New loss exposures and scenarios crop up every day, but attention to detail is essential to the delivery of quality solutions and products.

Flexibility: Our approach to problem solving is extremely flexible, outside the traditional box in many cases. Our diverse background in underwriting, risk management and insurance products assists us in achieving solutions others will miss.

Fair and Reasonable Compensation: Just like the clients we serve, we must achieve a fair and reasonable return for our efforts. Our compensation is typically earned as a commission percentage of the client’s premium. The specific commission varies from insurer to insurer and by line of coverage, but there are no secrets here. Ask us what we are earning on the transaction and we will gladly disclose this information to you. Additionally, in many cases, we work on a fee basis and deliver insurance products net of commission since we are also licensed as a counselor in addition to being licensed as an independent agent.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement both personally and as a business. We always exceed state-mandated continuing education requirements and are constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services.

Timeliness: We constantly strive to exceed our client’s expectations regarding time lines for the delivery of our products and services. Decisions relative to insurance placements, both new and renewal, should not be left for the last minute. Our goal is to be able to review premiums and explore options well in advance of deadlines. Underwriters many times delay the release of numbers until the last minute, but we constantly push them for timely responses.

Communication at All Levels: Communication at all levels is critical to achievement of the best outcomes regarding products, services and claims resolution.

At Ken Allen Enterprise we demand that all of our core values are not just words but the way we do business each and everyday.


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